Annie Li (理事)



公司:FusionMed Cosmetic Center (FMCC)


(FMCC)FusionMed医美中心的创始人Annie Li女士拥有10年医学整形经验,中国著名的中山医科大学硕士、医学教授、眼面部整形专家,并去日本和韩国考察学习。


Annie女士先后从师于Queen University教授微整形,法国医美专家,加拿大医美专家,并潜心学习欧洲、韩国先进医美技术,她的FusionMed专业医护团队深度解读医学与美学的平衡,打造美丽个性化定制服务,塑造中西合璧女性优雅之美。

Fusionmed Cosmetic Center founder Annie Li has more than 10+ years plastic surgeon experience. She achieved a masters graduate from the well known ZhongShan University, attained medical professor-ship in eye surgeon and is well known amongst her clients as a facial cosmetician expert.

Since coming to Canada, she obtained a medical diploma and worked in toronto hospitals for 10 years with an extensive network of medical professionals.

Annie continues to enhance her skills through exchange visits to Asia. Her Fusionmed cosmetics team aims to enhance your individual beauty and bring together western and eastern beauty standards.

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